Help-Listing a Trailer

Listing a trailer is easy

(you need to be a registered member of Trailer Registry to create a listing, if you have not registered yet please do so before continuing, it's free and simple.)

Step 1. Login

Once you have signed up to Trailer Registry you will have login access to the registry. The first step in adding a new listing is to login, to login:

  1. Click the 'My Account' Section in the blue navigation bar.
  2. Enter your login details:

You must enter the details correctly and once you have you will gain access to your account summary page.

Step 2. Report a Trailer

The account summary page will have a listing of any trailers you have previously published to the registry you can edit, delete or report a new trailer.

  1. Click the light blue "Report a Trailer" button.

Step 3. Fill out the trailer details

This is the step where you fill out the form to creat a listing for your trailer.

The in the form are as follows:

Step 4. Submit

Check the details you have entered are correct and hit the 'Submit' button.

You will be returned to the Account Summary page your listing will be displayed under the 'My Trailers section'.

Step 5. Complete!

Your lisiting should now be complete.