Trailer Status Change

One of the key features of is that you can list an unstolen trailer in the database without the general public having access to it.

This listing remains dormant untill you login and change the status of your trailer to stolen, it is quite simple to do this and below is a step by step guide on the procedure.

Step 1.

In the blue navigation bar move the mouse curso over 'My Account' and from the dropdownmenu select 'My Trailers'. (if you are not logged in you will be asked to enter your login details, once you've logged in continue to the next step.)

Step 2.

You Should now see a page contents similar to this.

my trailers help image

This shows a lsit of the trailers you have listed on the website. The Status shows weither or not your article is visible to the general public, if it is listed as a draft it is hidden and only visible to you.

Step 3.

To change the status of your trailer select the 'Edit' button on the listing you'd like to change.

Step 4.

This brings you to the edit page, which is the same as the list a trailer page with the exception that it is prefilled with the info you've already entered. Check over your details and ensure they are correct.

trailer edit help

Step 5.

Add the details about the teft of your trailer in the appropriate text box.

Step 6.

Make sure you have ticked the box next to 'Has the Trailer been stolen'

Step 7.

Hit Sumbit

(you will return to your list of trailers. The admin will now review your listing and it will be posted to the 'View Stolen Trailers' section. Please allow up to two working days for the review process (although it is usually quicker.)