"over 60,000 trailers stolen in Australia each year.*"

We have a few sources that provide us with trailer theft statistics. These businesses and organisations provide us with this information so that we may better keep this community informed. We've collated this information into the graph above. The Sample size of trailers is around 4000, the graph displays how many trailers were stolen each month for the last three years. There are a few vital bits of information that can be discerned from this graph.

Trailer theft doesn't seem to follow any sort of yearly pattern. Apart from a drop from January to February over the three years there are no other consistencies in the data. From this we can conclude that trailer theft is quite random, and as such could be speculated that it is more of a crime of opportunity. 

The other concerning statistic out of this study is the percentage of trailers that are stolen. Out of the sample size of trailers owned a whopping 4.26% were reported stolen over the course of 2013. 
Statistics on the general population of Australia trailer owners are quite limited. But if this study is indicative of the rate of theft amongst the general population then we have a major problem on our hands.

To illustrate what a problem this potentially is, follow me through this estimation.

Lets assume that 1 in 10 Australia car owners also own a trailer, that is 1.6million trailers in Australia. If we use the data from our sample study above, 4.26% of trailers are stolen each year. 4.26% of 1.6 million is 68,160 thats potentially over 60,000 trailers stolen in Australia each year.* With numbers like that it is a huge problem, and this is the perfect example of why we must all remain vigilant.

*based on extrapolation and limited sample size.

data on vehicle ownership numbers taken from the Australian Bureau of Statistics,other information aquired in confidence from various sources.