Protect Your Trailer - Prevent Trailer Theft

Owning a trailer is very handy, but a lot of us can take it for granted! What would you do if one day your trailer was stolen? Would you be able to describe it in detail? Could you think of any distinguishing features? Trailers are very hard to identify and can easily have their appearance changed by cunning thieves. If you'd like to know how you can help protect your asset and prevent trailer theft, read the points below.

Secret Markings

One thing we suggest everyone should do with their trailers is add some easily identifiable markings in various places on the trailer. as an example

Be creative, it doesn't have to detract from the aesthetics of the trailer, but a well placed marking can be the difference between losing a trailer, and recovering a trailer.

We suggest if the marking is easily visible, make sure it is not easily removed. The best way to do this is to have multiple markings spread over the trailer. If you have them in a hidden location, don't tell anyone about it, because it may become useful in the event your trailer is stolen.

Drilled or perforated letters

Drilled or perforated holes are an easy way to mark your trailer. It is also difficult to cover up.


Pressed Letters or shapes into sheet metal

Pressed lettering into sheet metal is an excellent form of marking your trailer. It is very hard to remove without replacing pieces of the body.


welded letters on the floor or underbody

Welded Letter is an easy way to mark your trailer. Checker plate surfaces are excellent for this as it makes the letters very hard to remove without having noticeable marks in the checker plate.


welded letters on the drawbar

Welded Letters on the draw bar. This is considered to be the bare minimum measure taken to mark your trailer, Have your name or initials welded to the draw bar.

* Did you know when steel is welded its molecular structure is changed and this process is irreversible. So even if a thief grinds off a welded marking you had on the trailer, you can rub back the area and apply some battery acid, the battery acid reacts with the steel revealing any weld marks that have been ground off.


Take Photographs

Take photographs of your trailer, make sure they include any distinguishing features (including secret markings). Keep the photos in a safe place on your computer, or photo album etc. We Recommend documenting your trailer by listing it with us, which brings us to the next point.

List your trailer on Trailer Registry

An easy way to make sure you have a record of your trailers details is to add your listing to our database. Include photos and a detailed description of your trailer and submit it to our secure server. You listing will remain private and confidential until such time as you require the information. Once listed you can edit the trailers status to 'stolen' and your listing will become public, enabling anyone on our website to visit your trailers profile, it may help relocate your trailer.

Install a trailer tracker

A vehicle tracker is an excellent way to keep tabs on where your assets are at anytime. These small units can be installed in minutes and hidden out of sight. Once the tracker is installed you can view and keep tabs on where the vehicle/trailer with the tracking unit installed in it is at all times. Tracking units can deter thieves if advertised and can help ensure your trailer is returned in the event that it is stolen. If you'd like to learn more about this technology please visit our sponsors page Vipertrack vehicle trackings systems.