Trailer Registry Sticker

Free Trailer Registry Sticker

About the Sticker

The Trailer registry sticker itself is a great and proven deterrent against trailer theft. It's design conjures thoughts of authority and policing amongst would be thieves and is often enough to make them think twice about stealing a trailer.
The ViperTrak logo suggest that the trailer may have a tracker installed, this, by itself is an excellent deterrent, no right minded criminal wants their nefarious exploits tracked and recorded.
At the other end of the sitcker is the Crime Stoppers Logo, another well known entity in the fight against crime. Their distinctive logo immediately draws your thoughts to authority and police. And in the middle of the sticker is the phrase "I'm registered with Trailer" Showing the world that your trailer has been listed on this database and its details will be easily available should something happen to the trailer. 
All of these thought out and clever design elements and co-operations are brought together by a blue and white colour scheme, another design mechanism to allude to authority and the police.

In short if you have registered your trailer with but have not got one of these stickers now is your chance to act and help protect your trailer against theft. 

How to get one

If you haven't already got one of these stickers for your trailer you can easily request one provided you have done the following.

  1. Sign Up / create an account on Trailer Registry.
  2. List your trailer / trailers in your account.
  3. Fill out the sticker request form.
  4. Wait by you mailbox for the delivery :)

In the Sticker pack we send out you will recieve a cover letter from the site's Administrator, the number of stickers you requested and some promotional material from our sponsors. Also included in sticker pack is a promotional pamphlet for Trailer Registry and an extra sticker, give them to a friend and do your part to grow our community.