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100’s of trailers are stolen in Australia each year! Join our initiative to combat the theft and resale of stolen trailers by registering your trailer today.

An Inititiave To Protect The Community

  • Register Your Trailer

    Just bought a trailer? Great, now you can sign up and fill out some basic information about your trailer. Add a photo, and we'll keep it in our secure database.

  • Receive Your Free Sticker

    Now that you've registered, we'll send you out a free sticker to help deter thieves. Bookmark the site on the off chance you need to come back.

  • If Your Trailer Is Stolen

    If your trailer is stolen, you can activate your listing to be shown on our registry. This will allow people to check if their purchasing your stolen trailer!

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Est. Stolen Trailers Each Year

Based on research and data from our partners, as well as the Australian bureau of statistics, we estimate that approximately 5% of trailers are stolen each year. With an estimate of over 2.5 million trailers in Australia, and the ease of which trailers can be stolen – it’s a scary thought that your trailer might be vulnerable.

Check out our range of tips on how to protect yourself from trailer theft, as well as what steps to take in the event your trailer is stolen.

Signup & Receive A Free Sticker

The Trailer registry sticker itself is a great and proven deterrent against trailer theft. The stickers design conjures thoughts of authority and policing amongst would be thieves and is often enough to make them think twice about stealing a trailer.

Simply register a free account, enter your details and we’ll send out your free sticker to place on your trailer. When you’re ready, you can also register your trailer to our database so your details are stored securely when you need them

Receive A Free Sticker

Protect Your Trailer & Register For Free

We work with the community, police and other businesses to support our industry.

Our aim is to provide a secure place to store information regarding your trailer so that in the event that it’s stolen you have a record of your trailers details. Thanks to our sponsors and community partners, we’re able to provide this service for free. This registry can also be used to help prevent the on-selling of stolen trailers, and assist in the reporting and recovery of your valuable assets.

We also offer resources to help educate and inform people of the growing threat of trailer theft as well as providing information to help prevent potential theft.