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Thanks to our major sponsors Move Yourself and Vipertrak we are able to offer Free Trailer Registry Stickers to all of our members. So if you'd like your free theft deterent sticker all you need to do is Sign Up, Add your trailers details to our database and then fill in the Sticker Request form.  +Read more

Hundreds of trailers are stolen around Australia each year! This register has been created to help combat these actions. The main functions of this registry are:


Lastest Listed Stolen Trailers

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Licence Plate Date Reported State
Car trailer tandom May 29, 2020 Queensland Read More
S326TEM May 26, 2020 South Australia Read More
D92263 Apr 16, 2020 New South Wales/ACT Read More
Grey box trailer Feb 8, 2020 Victoria Read More
Eu4179 Feb 3, 2020 Queensland Read More
S037TDX Jan 15, 2020 South Australia Read More
X44959 Jan 10, 2020 Queensland Read More
EH5216 Nov 23, 2019 Queensland Read More
w25233 Mar 19, 2018 Victoria Read More
F45794 Dec 20, 2017 Victoria Read More
Y109108 Dec 11, 2017 Victoria Read More
TB54YA Nov 30, 2017 New South Wales/ACT South Australia Read More
KR5818 Nov 7, 2017 Queensland Read More
V22954 Oct 7, 2017 New South Wales/ACT Read More
TOV446 Sep 26, 2017 South Australia Read More