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Absolutely nothing! Thanks to our sponsors, listing your trailer is completely free. You can register your trailer at any time, and as soon as you’d like it to be displayed as stolen, just access your listings page and set the trailer to stolen.

If you’re unsure if you’ve just purchased a stolen trailer, there’s a couple of steps you can take to protect yourself. Always keep your sellers details recorded, as well as any conversation history or text messages you might have.

Second, check our trailer registry to see if the trailer has been listed as stolen. You can search our registry by markings on the trailer, or even the VIN number.

Another option is to contact your local government’s appropriate vehicle and transport department’s website, as they often have resources available to check for stolen vehicles. You can also call your local police department and provide them with the registration and VIN details.

Check out our guide to buying a trailer for further information.

The trailer VIN, or vehicle identification number, is usually found on a sticker or stamped on the trailer drawbar. However, there are no specific rules for where the plate must be installed, so some trailers may have them on the inside tray of a trailer, or other places.

In the event of your trailer being stolen, the first thing is to always report it to your local police. Be sure to provide as much information as possible. One of the reasons we strongly recommend registering your trailer with us is so you have accessible information about your trailer, including images, VIN number and more.

Once your police report has been created, access your account on our website and set your trailer to listed as stolen. This will publically display your trailer on our website so others can view and report to you any information on your trailer. 

Our site is based around stolen trailers and caravans. We do not accept listings for any other kind of vehicle.

When your trailer isn’t secured correctly it can become quite a vulnerable target. All trailers are vulnerable to theft, but some of the more common trailers include:

  • Caravans and campers
  • Small flatbeds and car trailers
  • Cage trailers and tradesman trailers
  • Box trailers

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