Buying a Trailer Privately

When buying a trailer from a private vendor there are several things you can look out for to make sure, you are not buying a stolen trailer.

Most of all trust your instinct if something seems a little strange or out of the ordinary remember, you don't have to purchase anything you don't feel comfortable with.



Buying from a Manufacturer

When you are having a trailer manufactured for you there are several precautions you can take to make your trailer more easily identified. If you are having a new trailer built consider asking for the following inclusions:

If the above guidelines are followed your trailer will be unique and individual making your trailer's identity harder to disguise.


* Did you know when steel is welded its molecular structure is changed and this process is irreversible. So even if a thief grinds off a welded marking you had on the trailer, you can rub back the area and apply some battery acid, the battery acid reacts with the steel revealing any weld marks that have been ground off.